Charting Your Course

hand holding a compass on a trail in the woods

My Mission 

My mission is twofold:
To deliver timely and proactive risk management strategies using common sense and reality-based planning methods.
2.  To provide access to Stifel's nationally recognized research and capabilities.

The David Hatcher Difference

Backed by Stifel's resources, I provide comprehensive and objective wealth management services for individuals, endowments, foundations, and pensions across the country.

I set myself apart by:

  • Providing objective and transparent guidance,
  • Being proactive, available, and cost conscious, and
  • Focusing on the big picture,

While striving to:

  • Quantify value and avoid unnecessary risks,
  • Develop efficient investment portfolios while minimizing unnecessary taxes, and
  • Create a written plan based on your lifestyle, not average annual return assumptions.

Charting Your Course
My goal is to help you develop and maintain a financially independent life.

To set things in motion, we begin every journey with two guiding principles:

  • My clients have unique needs and goals
  • My clients deserve a strong, trusting relationship that yields unbiased investment guidance

With that in mind, my role is to simplify your financial decisions and provide clear direction.


My Guiding Beliefs
I believe that if any organization wants to be successful, it must practice a set of beliefs that serves as a strong foundation that strives for the longevity needed to withstand the test of time. 

Here are my Top Three Beliefs:

  • Take a personal stake in pursuing your goals.
  • Build a strong relationship with you based on honesty, integrity, respect, and understanding.
  • Commit myself to personal excellence, hard work, continuous learning, and self-improvement.